Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Favorite Places on the Web

Here are my three absolute favorite places to visit online!

~   Gooseberry Patch  

I don't know if you're familiar with this company, but I absolutely adore Gooseberry Patch! I have been an admirer, window-shopper, customer, and all-around cheerleader of their products for several years.

On their website you can purchase calendars, organizers, and cookbooks with old fashioned charm, wonderful illustrations, and some of the best recipes I've ever tried. Many of the recipes have become staples around our house, and I have had the honor of having my own recipes published in three of the cookbooks.

It's not just the products I love about Gooseberry Patch, but the people as well. The founders of the company, Vickie and Jo Ann, make it very apparent that they truly enjoy what they do...and the service is second to none.

There are many ways to connect with GBP. You can become a fan on Facebook, connect with Twitter, subscribe to their blog and eLetter, and watch their YouTube channel. Once you get connected, there are contests going on all the time in which you could win one (or more!) of their popular products. They even have a whole section of
"free goodies" on the website, which includes buttons and badges, like the ones I've used here, desktop pictures, free recipes and ebooks, and much more!

You can take a look at the GBP website by clicking on the button above. Let me know what you think...I would love to hear from you!

~   FlyLady
Next on my "favorite" list is the FlyLady system for home organization. What is a FlyLady, you ask? Well, she's a who, not a what. Her name is Marla Cilley, and she developed her system several years ago, while raising her son. Every day, Marla shows members how to declutter, organize, and ultimately, eliminate the CHAOS (that's Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) in their homes 15 minutes at at time.

I discovered FlyLady a few years ago, before I had children. I was a homemaker, and if I do say so myself, my home was always spotless, thanks to FlyLady's system. Fast-forward about five or six years, and four (soon to be five) children later ~ ~ ~ I wish I could say my house is still always spotless, but that just wouldn't be true. Now, when I need peace in my home the most, I frequently "fall off the wagon," you might say. However, it's nice to have a plan in place when the CHAOS becomes too much.

One thing I want to mention about FlyLady's system is that she sends LOTS of email throughout the day. I have never really minded this, except for when I have been unable to check my inbox for a few days at a time. I have seen many people get really worked up about this, though. They see it as nagging, or as some kind of reminder of their own mothers being demanding and overbearing. This is not FlyLady's intention at all! She created this approach to home organization, or "home blessing" as she likes to call it, out of necessity. It was trial and error until she found what worked for HER. Now, she kindly shares her gathered information with members as a way of helping them to get started in developing a system that works for them and their unique lifestyle. There are tips for all kinds of different life situations (i.e. pregnancy, with toddlers, working mothers, etc.) on the website.

Another note about the email you may receive upon signing up with FlyLady: There is an option to switch to a daily digest, or even no email at all. You can choose to have the website be your only source of information from FlyLady.

Want to know more? Click on the photo, and it will take you directly to the FlyLady website!

So, I've shared my favorite home organization tool with you. What is your favorite?

~ Pinterest
Pinterest Logo

By now, I'm sure most of you have at least heard of Pinterest. Just in case you're not familiar with it though, let me explain what it's all about. Remember when you were a kid, (or maybe you still do this!) and you had a scrapbook, bulletin board, or maybe even a whole wall where you pinned up cards, ticket stubs, magazine pictures of your favorite actors or musicians, and the like? It was a combination of all the things that were of interest or meant something to you. Pinterest is the digital version of that very thing. After joining (I'll explain more about that in a minute) you can create boards with different categories for all your pins. When you come across something of interest to you, you can "pin it" to one of the boards you have created. Then, you can refer back to that pin as often as you like! I have found so many ideas for decorating my home, crafts for myself and my kids, recipes for all kinds of things, and the list goes on and on.           
To join Pinterest, you must be invited. However, anyone who is has already signed up can send you an invitation.
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So what are your favorite websites to visit? Did you enjoy the ones I listed? Send me a note, and let me know.