Saturday, July 13, 2013

More "Cheputch," Please

 Last night, my three-year-old daughter, Ladybug, asked for more ketchup for her chicken nuggets.
 I'm sure that request was heard by many moms
 in many homes last night, but none
so heart-tugging as in my own.
You see, the day before, and every day since Ladybug has been old enough to know what ketchup is, she has called it "cheputch." So, when she asked for more "ketchup," I didn't think anything of it at first. I happily gave her
more, but then...I stopped dead in my tracks.
The realization shattered my heart
into a million pieces.
My baby girl is not a baby anymore.
Sure, it's just the pronunciation of a word today, but all too soon, it will be reading and writing those words, and homework. Then dating. Then marriage and a family of her own.
I struggle to stay in the here and now
 with my children, and enjoy the current stage.
 I can't go back in time or make the moment last longer...if I blink, this one will be gone, too.
I pray God will give me the grace needed to accept the fact that I can't keep my babies little forever.
They will grow up.
Until then, I'll just keep asking Him for
a little more "cheputch," please.


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